WrightOne Consulting Coaching Package

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This coaching package includes two of our most popular courses, Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking as well as three hours of one-on-one coaching with George Wright.  

For additional information on the Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking courses, please see those course cards.  

Regarding the coaching, 

Session 1 (1 Hour): Intake This session, we will review the individual's current state of performance and discuss the goals and objectives of our coaching work together. We will also outline the scope of the coaching program and send the assessments required for Session #2. The assessments must be completed before Session #2. 

Session 2 (1 Hour): Assessment review and feedback The second phase of the coaching process involves a review of the psychological assessment with the individual. Through this information and additional feedback acquired from Session 1, we can draw conclusions about the individual’s personality and how the individual’s internal motivators (beliefs, emotions, assumptions) drive behavior and impact the individual’s effectiveness.

We will provide a coaching report outlining strengths and areas for improvement. We will also discuss the individual’s perception of feedback and outline next steps for Session 3. We provide the individual with a blank Personal Performance Plan to be completed for Session 3.

Session 3 (1 Hour): We will review the Personal Performance Plan and discuss implementation strategies. We will also review feedback that the individual received during the intervening time.

Additional coaching is available for a separate fee.  Within 24 hours of purchase, you will receive an email registering you for this course. 

Within 24 hours of purchase, you will receive an email registering you for this course and an email from George Wright regarding next steps.