Talent Audit

Our Talent Audit is a systematic review that measures, aligns, and develops talent against current and future business needs. The audit generates detailed information on both organizational and individual capabilities. Forward-looking companies seek to increase ‘bench strength’ and create high-performance work cultures by evaluating talent on a regular basis.

Organizational Surveys

WrightOne Organizational Surveys are designed to help you develop greater insight into your company. We customize surveys to the specific needs of your company. We present the feedback and interpretation of results in clear, simple language that translates into compelling, actionable advice. Our organizational surveys include:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Organizational Climate
  • Exit Surveys

Strategy Alignment

Organizations that are effective at executing strategy have one key attribute in common: employees are clear about the strategy. In these organizations, employees and managers are fully aligned. Aligning everyone in the organization with the strategy is one of the most important things you can do beyond formulating a great strategy. Our Strategy Alignment survey quickly and clearly illustrates management and employee alignment.

Career Development

Our Career Dynamics Assessment gives insight into your personality traits, the kinds of work you might enjoy, and how you manage career change. It also describes your work style, approach to solving problems, managing change, and dealing with stress. Self-awareness helps you strategically shape your learning and development to support your career interests and sustain your marketability.

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