Companies obsess over hiring. To find the best people, managers analyze handshakes and resumes, and engage in all kinds of sleuthing. Yet despite these efforts, bad hires still happen. In fact, according to research by Glassdoor, 95% of companies admit to hiring the wrong people each year. And more than one-third admitted they were unaware of how costly hiring the wrong person can be.

With so many companies admitting to recruiting the wrong person, you may think that making bad hiring decisions is unavoidable. Companies invest so much into the hiring process. Does finding the right person just come down to good luck in the end?

We don’t believe so. The majority of hiring mistakes are the result of poor decisions based on biased information. In fact, 69% of companies report that their own interview process has the greatest impact on poor hiring decisions. In many cases, we find that the most popular methods used in evaluating candidates are subject to inherent bias in decision making. These hiring biases typically occur without anyone realizing the impact on their decisions.

That’s where we can help.

Our progressive pre-employment assessment program is an independent, unbiased evaluation of individual's strengths and capabilities. We describe how people will perform on the job; the things that simply cannot be learned from a resume or interview.

Most important, we give you that insight at a critical time - before you hire.


The benefits also extend well beyond the selection phase. Our assessment report provides these benefits as well

Faster ramp-up

We give you a clear understanding of how your new hire will perform and how they can be easily and quickly integrated into the team.

Clear information on how to lead and develop the new hire

With our insight into the employee's strengths and areas for development, the organization is better equipped to maximize those strengths and enhance the person's growth, contributions, and success.

Faster rebounding from mistakes

With our guidance, managers will understand the ways in which the new hire will most likely make mistakes, so that developmental feedback/training can be more efficiently and effectively implemented.

Nothing speaks louder than a demonstration of results. Our Sample Report is a demonstration of the information and analysis we provide.

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