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We work exclusively in one-on-one coaching sessions with individual clients. If you require a facilitator for your team, training, or other form of group support, we can discuss our training programs (link to training programs).

Coaching is not mentoring or therapy, although it is related to all those disciplines. One difference is that in those relationships, you often seek answers from an expert. Our coaching approach is based on building meaningful relationships.

We are not experts on you or your aspirations, and we do not have ready-made answers for you. We have questions, and our goal with each client is to ask uniquely challenging questions that you must answer to be successful.

We have a perspective on topics, including what high performers consistently do. Rather than prescribe a generic regimen, we work with each client to help discover the solutions that are right for them.

Our Coaching Packages make it easy to get started. If you have questions about our approach or want to talk about your situation before you get started, schedule a 30 minute no-fee Coaching Consultation.

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