Conflict exists in every business and can be detrimental to a team if not handled properly. To help out, we have some tips about resolving conflict at work (or even in your personal life).

1. Address Conflict Immediately

As a business leader, one of your top priorities is nurturing your team. This means dealing with conflict. The good news is that by reading this blog post, you’re one step ahead in learning to deal with it.

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2. Check Your Attitude

Attitude can fire up conflict or heal it. Entering conflict with a positive attitude is key to saving the relationship, especially when your opponent is negative. On the flip side, a negative attitude can destroy a relationship.

3. Have the Courage to Listen

Listening is tough, especially when you’re upset. One way to make yourself a better listener is to practice active listening. Trust us. You’ll be glad you listened instead of talked.

4. Don’t Forget About the Other Person

During a conflict, it’s easy to forget about the other person. And sometimes we demean those we care about. Eventually, the conflict will fade, but the memory of being mistreated can last a lifetime.

5. Trust Others and Keep an Open Mind

Being closed-minded can create and prolong conflict in the workplace. If you’re closed-minded, people may become closed-minded to you as well. Leaders must be open to the ideas of their teams and learn to trust them.

6. Try to Leave Emotion at the Door

Conflicts tend to light a fire and create stronger emotions. The best way to deal with conflict is to step away from your emotions. There are many ways to manage emotional intelligence, but our favorite is to take a deep breath and take ten. Also, keep your stress level in check. If you’re feeling stressed you might find it more difficult to respond to conflict appropriately.

7. Use Conflict For The Good

Everything offered so far about conflict so far has been addressing the negative. But conflict can be a positive thing because it is often the first step to growing. Use it to make your business better. You might be surprised by how well it gets your team moving in the right direction.

8. Let Conflict Inspire Creativity

Disruption from the norm is scary and causes conflict. But it often inspires creativity from your team. Here are a few ways to turn conflict into creativity.

9. Don’t Try To Win Conflict is not a competition

So, don’t treat it like one. Many business owners might be prone to win, win, win, which isn’t the best strategy for resolution. Taking the higher ground (whether you win or lose) always creates a better outcome.

10. Be Flexible and Willing to Change

We all need to be more flexible. Refusal to change keeps conflict in the air. As the leader of your organization, it is vital that you are willing to change. Don’t just be open to ideas, use them.

11. Be Strategic Amid Conflict

There is always an opportunity to shine under challenging situations. Consider your position as the leader of your organization use conflict as an opportunity to set a good example for others.