Hiring is complex because people are complex. There are many factors that go into a hiring decision: resumes, interviews, references, assessment scores, education, previous roles – the list could go on. So why would you let one single factor make your hiring decision for you?

This question comes up a lot with pre-employment assessments. When employers administer pre-employment assessments to applicants, it can be tempting to use the results as a sole deciding factor for moving forward in the hiring process. After all, pre-employment assessments are one of the best predictors of actual job performance.

While pre-employment tests provide highly predictive information about candidates, they should not be the sole basis for hiring decisions. Assessments are not designed to take the human out of the hiring process – they are designed to support better, more informed hiring decisions. Taking a holistic view of a candidate enables managers to fully assess what the person has to offer. More important, assessments may even help identify hidden talents that might be otherwise overlooked.

As an organization begins incorporating assessments into the hiring decisions, they begin to see tangible improvements in key business metrics, like reduced turnover and improved quality of hire. Assessments ultimately are an incredibly powerful tool to help achieve hiring goals.

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