Anyone working in the uncertainty of COVID 19 and all the associated changes knows that higher levels of stress are inevitably part of the job. From banning social gatherings over 10 people, the stock market plunging, social distancing, school closings, travel bans, and rising death rates, is your heart slamming against your rib cage yet?

It’s easy to become stressed when we experience these drastic changes and face uncertainty. The key is to engage our resilience and move toward being antifragile.

Resilience is the process of “bouncing back” from adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or other significant sources of stress. Being antifragile moves from simply “bouncing back” to thriving and even growing when exposed to stress and uncertainty. We don’t want to just be resilient, we want to be antifragile.

In this webinar, we will introduce the concepts and practices involved in building resilience and moving toward becoming antifragile.

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